is Pubg Banned in India Yes or No 2020 Latest News

Is PUBG Banned in India – Due to midest of Indo-China border dispute, the Indian Government has banned #59Chinese apps including #TikTok, Share It, UC Browser, Helo as well as e-commerce platforms as like club factory gets banned by India Government on 29 June 2020. This ban on Chinese apps brought a common question in the mind of Indian gamers Is PUBG banned in India. It is one of the leading worldwide searches on google. If you are looking for information regarding the PUBG ban, then read this article complete. You know there are a lot of PUBG fans in India. User of PUBG Game increased rapidly during the lockdown. PUBG Game was included in top5 on google play store. According to media new 60 millions, people downloaded PUBG in the first quarter of 2020. In May 2020 PUBGMobile became the world’s highest profitable mobile game with revenue of $ 226 million.

PUBG was later introduced in China with the help of China’s largest video game publisher ‘Tencent’.In return, the Chinese Tencent Company had given a stake in PUBG. Now PUBG got permission from Chinese Government. It was introduced in China which is marketed and distributed by Kakao Games in South Korea. PUBG is not among the apps which are banned by the Government under section 69 A of the Indian Information Technology Act 2000 because it is not a Chinese, but a South Korean online video game. So PUBG is not banned in India.